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Timber Shuttering Alternative on Housing Foundations & Suspended Ground Floor Slabs

Metal Edge Trim is used as an alternative to timber shuttering on housing foundations & suspended ground floor slabs and has already been adopted by several of the large housing specialist contractors.

Metal Edge Trim is supplied in 1.2mm thickness as standard, but can be manufactured in 1.0, 1.6, 2.0 & 3.0mm thickness if required . It's also supplied with 3mtr straps that are cut on site to your required lengths.

We hold stock of heights 150mm and 200mm. However, any height can be produced upon request. It's manufactured in the UK, offering a quick delivery time for any specials size combination.


  • Used as a shutter on Housing Foundations & Suspended Ground Floor Slabs.

  • Uses on Residential & Commercial Projects.

  • Alternative to timber shuttering

  • Easy to install

  • Pressed strips of galvanised steel

  • Thickness: 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm & 3.0mm

  • Manufactured to any required height – 50mm – 1250mm

  • Manufactured in the UK


  • Supplied in 3 metre lengths as standard.

  • Manufactured to your specific height.

  • Restraint straps supplied in 3 metre lengths and cut to desired length on site.

  • Joining 2 lengths together.

  • Using a grinder or power tool saw, remove 50-100mm of the top lip.

  • Slide both pieces together to create a solid joint.

  • Using 50mm washered pins, shot fire through the base into the foundation brickwork, structural steel or concrete.

  • To secure the strap, fix the other end to the top lip of the edge trim

  • Repeat step 3 approximately every 300-400mm for maximum support.

  • Easy to form internal and external corners.

  • Using a grinder or saw, cut out a V shape / Dovetail from the top lip and the base.

  • The section can then easily be bent out for external corners or inward for internal corners.

  • Once the section is cut and bent it can be secured using a power tool.

  • Fix a restraint strap to each side of the bend to increase strength.

  • Repeat step 7 for external corners.

  • Once the system has been fixed in position, spacers can be placed to support the reinforcement.

  • Reinforcement placed on top of the spacers.

  • Concrete should be poured flush to the top edge of the Metal Edge Trim. Ensure that pumped concrete is deposited a minimum of 1.0 metre away from the Metal Edge Trim and is then raked towards the formwork.

  • Finished concrete pour with perfect level.

  • Ready for next phase.

The system is widely used in the residential housing sector with several key housebuilders adopting the process to form floor slabs. The use of Steel Edge Trim can effectively reduce the reliance on highly paid joinery skills and costly shuttering materials. The inherent simplicity and speed of installation compared with traditional construction methods can also help reduce delays on site caused by unfavourable weather


As the system is left permanently in place there are no associated costs of removal and disposal, thus improving efficiencies and minimising waste to landfill

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