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Eurolease CR2 (Veg. Mould Oil)

Environmentally Friendly Readily Biodegradable Chemical Release Agent

Eurolease CR2 is a readily biodegradable chemical release agent specially formulated to give easy release from pre-cast moulds or  formwork and provides a high quality surface finish to concrete.

A low viscosity blend of vegetable oils giving a safe, low odour and non staining mould oil.


  • Non-Hazardous
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Size: 20, 205 & 1000 Ltr

Eurolease CR2 (Veg. Mould Oil)

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  • • Eurolease CR2 is supplied ready for use. It should never be diluted
    and should be applied as thinly and evenly as possible in order to
    optimise its performance.

    • Eurolease CR2 can be applied to all types of formwork by spray,
    brush, swab or roller—best results are achieved by low pressure
    spray equipment. Any excess should be removed by swab.

    • If using Eurolease CR2 on new or unsealed timber formwork pretreatment is recommended with a second coat applied prior to use.

    • Eurolease CR2 should be applied in well ventilated areas.

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