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Eurotard MF

Environmentally friendly Mould & Form Face Retarder

A transparent aqueous composition with a gel consistency colour tinted to assist application that is blue in colour.


Size: 25 Ltrs

Eurotard MF

Sales Tax Included
  • • After long storage period lightly stir material to ensure uniform

    • Ensure surface to be treated is clean, dry and free of any deposits.
    • Apply uniformly by brush or roller at up to 4 sq.mts per litre.

    • When placing concrete take precautions to ensure heavy scouring
    action does not remove the retarder.

    • Removal of cement matrix should be as soon as possible after
    stripping and generally within 1-2 days after placing concrete.

    • It should be carried out by low pressure water jetting and brooming
    or wire brushing in two directions at right angles to each other.

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