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Mould Release Agents & Formwork Treatments

Straight 2 Site is the premiere source for all of your construction accessory needs. Our professional-grade Adomast Mould Release Agents & Formwork Treatments product range, including Safelease, Extracon DS, Plastrip S, and Adowax, will provide superior performance and increased productivity. So, look no further than Straight 2 Site for all of your construction needs

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Orders and happy customers since 2016


Straight2site was established in 2016 and  we believe that our website gives everyone from the DIY Enthusiasts to Large Contractors the opportunity to purchase their construction supplies 24/7 and not just during standard working hours.


We only stock the highest quality of products from brands such as Marshalltown, TJEP, Clipfix, Adomast, Mesto & many more. We offer a huge selection of Construction and building products online in the UK, with categories including Formwork and Shuttering, Chemicals, Tools, Tying, Reinforcement, Precast, Floor Slab and much more. Next Day Delivery is available on all of our products.

Industrial Building
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