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Europatch Repair Compound - Grey

Rapid Set Repair Compound

Europatch is a blend of ordinary and specialist cements, high quality graded aggregates and a unique combination of polymers and

admixtures. When mixed with water it produces a putty like mortar with an excellent wash out resistance and a powerful bond onto wet concrete substrates. Europatch is available in colours grey and white. These can be blended to match most shades of concrete.


  • Non-Hazardous
  • CE Approved
  • Size: 8 & 25 Kg

Europatch Repair Compound - Grey

PriceFrom £15.65
Sales Tax Included
  • Mixing instructions:
    Europatch should be mixed using water which complies with BS
    EN 1008 (as for concrete). Europatch should be mixed in a suitable
    container using either an electric (1 Kw) or pneumatic power tool.
    Europatch should be added carefully to the water, progressively mixing until a putty lie consistency is achieved. Small quantities can be mixed by hand, care being taken to accurately measure the water at a dosage rate of 16%. Once mixed the material must not be re-worked. NB. Due to the rapid setting times the material should be placed immediately after mixing.

    Ensure all surfaces with which the mortar will come into contact are
    clean and dust free. Damp down the substrate with clean water to
    minimise suction. Place required quantity into a clean container and
    mix in clean water by small amounts, using the minimum necessary, to achieve the required paste-like consistency. When blending grey and white to achieve a colour match ensure the two powders are thoroughly mixed before the addition of water. Immediately prior to placement all excess water should be removed. Any mortar exposed to wind or drying

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