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B.A.G Column Formers (£ - POA)

Unlined / Lined BAG Column Formers are fitted with a PVC internal liner running the entire length of the column tube, providing a smooth blemish free surface. Lined Column Formers will only leave a hairline seam on the surface of the finished column corresponding to the joint line of the formwork lining material.

Unlined BAG Column Formers are ideal for applications where surface finish is not critical.

They leave a spiral joint line on the surface of the finished concrete.

*Diameters 650mm and above are supplied in composite board for greater rigidity.

B.A.G Column Formers (£ - POA)

Sales Tax Included
    • Easy to handle due to their light weight.
    • Considerably lighter than steel formers.
    • Labour saving.
    • High quality fair faced finish.
    • Simple to install.
    • Consistent finish.
    • Water resistant.
    • Uniform shape.
    • No cleaning of the formwork required.
    • Zero capital investment in formwork material.
    • Special diameters and finishes available.
    • No through ties.
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