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Polypropylene Beamform is available in either 4.0m x 2.0m or 4.0x2.4m sheets (7mm thick)  and provides a fast and cost effective method of constructing on site concrete ground beams and pile caps. 


Can easily be cut with a sharp blade for producing permanent shuttering for ground beams and pile caps. There is no requirement for formwork ties as the system relies on excavated earth being backfilled against the shuttering for support. The reinforcement steel and spacers prevent the formwork collapsing during backfill.


Often also refferred to as "Groundform" or "Trenchform" within the construction industry.


Sales Tax Included
    • Excavate trenches (retaining the spoil of backfill at a later stage).
    • Blind the base of the excavation and place the pre cut and folded corrugated beam form. Ensure there is adequate bottom spacers and clip on spacers along the edges.
    • Back fill the trenches with well consolidated spoil to bring the corrugated beamform in contact with the spacers.
    • Finally pour the concrete to desired level.
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