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Bentonite Waterstop Fixing Strip

This fixing strip is manufactured from galvanised wire mesh and is used to fix the swellable sealing bars.These come in very handy in the vertical fixing of hydrophilic profiles. BeSealed® metal wire meshes can be nailed, dowelled or tacked. Suited for Bentobar+ bentonite waterstops.

Bentonite Waterstop Fixing Strip

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  • • Developed for the fixation of water swellable sealing bars in concrete construction joints or reinforced concrete construction, preferentially used in combination with Bentobar+ sealing bars.
    • Ensures good fixation of the sealing bar, especially in vertical applications.

  • • Place BENTOBAR+ on a smooth and dust free surface (concrete).
    • Avoid shifting or floating of the sealing bar to be installed.
    • Fixation of the wire mesh is performed by nailing, dowelling or tacking with a recommended spacing of 25cm.

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