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Eurocure WW

Water Based Surface Hardener and Curing Agent

Eurocure WW is an environmentally friendly concrete curing membrane. A blue grade version is also available to help in identification during application.


  • Non-Hazardous
  • Size: 20, 205 & 1000 Ltr

Eurocure WW

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  • For freshly cast surfaces:
    Apply as soon as final tamping or trowelling has been finished. If surface water is present a second application is desirable as soon as the surface water has evaporated. Make sure the correct rate is used to avoid ponding as it may glaze the surface of the concrete.

    For surfaces struck from shuttering:
    Flood coat with water as soon as the formwork is struck, apply the
    chosen grade as soon as the water has run off. If this is not carried
    out it is possible that the curing com-pound will be “sucked” below the concrete surface leaving the surface unprotected. If the Tinted grade has been used UV light may not be able to act upon the “fugitive dye” thus leaving the concrete with a permanent colour.

    This advice is applicable whatever grade you may be using.
    Note: Care should be taken that over spray does not get onto paint or glass as it may cause permanent damage if not rinsed off immediately.

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