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EuroFlex-50FC-S is a versatile adhesive and fast-curing joint sealant designed with a unique combination of PU and silylated PU technologies, resulting in a sealant that incorporates the best features of both. This innovative material has undergone modifications to enhance its thixotropic properties.

When exposed to atmospheric humidity, EuroFlex-50FC-S undergoes rapid curing, producing a sealant that exhibits exceptional early grab adhesion. This quality extends to traditionally challenging substrates for PU sealants, such as concrete, aluminium, steel, and polycarbonate. Moreover, the sealant's extrusion profile has been tailored to match that of Hybrid PU or MS technology.


Recommended for sealing joints in:

  • Concrete
  • metal frames.
  • aluminium windows and panels.
  • glass.
  • granite & marble.
  • flooring applications


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