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Euromould GP (High Oil Content Mould Oil)

High Performance Solvent Free, Ultimately Biodegradable Release Agent

Euromould Oil GP is an extremely versatile high class ultimately biodegradable release agent blended with highly active surfactants. The blend of highly active surfactants assist in reducing surface tension at the interface between the concrete and the formwork, ensuring that optimum release is attained hence achieving a high quality concrete surface finish.


  • Non-Hazardous
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Size: 20, 205 & 1000 Ltr

Euromould GP (High Oil Content Mould Oil)

PriceFrom £45.60
Sales Tax Included
  • • Eurolease GP is supplied ready to use.

    • A thin film should be applied to the formwork using low pressure
    spray equipment with care being taken to avoid over application.

    • For new and unsealed timber formwork pre-treatment is
    recommended with a second application prior to use - this will
    extend the useful life of the formwork and help with surface

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