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Heave Stopper - 160mm (£ - POA)

Heave Stopper is an eco-friendly, recycled construction void former that protects against ground movement whilst laying concrete foundations. It is used to create a void underneath the foundation for ultimate stability in ground liable to ground heave. Heave Stopper has a high strength to weight ratio. When the honeycomb core is introduced to water it is designed to lose it’s strength in order to permit ground heave without transmitting pressure to the foundations or structures above.


Heave Stopper Board Size:

  • 160mm x 2400mm x 1200mm

Heave Stopper Benefits:

The technical and cost benefits of Heave Stopper make it the complete solution for void creation.

  • BBA approved
  • Meets the technical requirements of the NHBC
  • Suitable for beams & slabs
  • Cost effective with additional savings on excavation depths, blinding layer and no requirement to blind over boards
  • The slimmest method of void creation means less excavation
  • A perfect solution for contaminated land and brownfield sites
  • Ideal for sites with restricted access
  • Lowest possible forces transmitted to the structure
  • Creates a void in excess of the specified requirements


*Heave Stopper cannot be immediately ordered online and is advertised at £0.00 (POA) due to shipping being calculated based on quantity and location.


Please contact us for a quotation.

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Heave Stopper - 160mm (£ - POA)

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