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Eurotard TF

Environmentally Friendly Top Face Concrete Surface Retarder

Eurotard TF is an aqueous liquid suitable for either spray or watering can application.

It retards the set of the surface cement matrix of freshly cast concrete for easy removal.


  • Size: 20Ltr

Eurotard TF

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  • • Eurotard TF should be applied either by spray or watering can to
    freshly placed horizontally cast concrete at a rate of 5 sq.mts per litre
    immediately after placing and compacting and removal of any
    excess surface water.

    • After treatment protect from exposure to wind or early appliedheat
    as this may evaporate the retarder carrier before it has penetrated
    the concrete surface.

    • Do not use on concrete containing accelerators.
    • Any absorbent covering to the concrete should not come into contact with treated face.

    • Retardation time is dependent on many factors so check for
    optimum time for removal of cement matrix.

    • Remove retarded matrix by low pressure water jetting, brooming or
    wire brushing in two directions at right angles to each other.

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