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Tjep Ultra Grip Rebar Tying Gun

TJEP ULTRA GRIP re-bar tier increases your efficiency significantly compared to the physically demanding, monotonous and time-consuming work of manual tying.

The TJEP ULTRA GRIP re-bar tier can also reduce the risk of back and wrist health problems. The ergonomic re-bar tier not only improves working conditions, it is also an economic and reliable solution, which helps to finish the task far more effectively.

TJEP ULTRA GRIP is the third generation of re-bar tier from TJEP and is a further development of our popular XP re-bar tiers. The know-how gained from previous generations has been incorporated into the new ULTRA GRIP series, which sets new standards in tying speed and quality.


TJEP Ultra Grip 40 Combined Rebar Size: 12-40mm

TJEP Ultra Grip 58 Combined Rebar Size: 30-58mm


Advantages of the TJEP ULTRA GRIP

  • Up to 5 times faster than manual tying.
  • 1500 more ties per charge than the XP40.
  • Extra tight and firm ties (2 or 3 wraps). Extra efficiency and durability.
  • Ergonomic one-handed operation.
  • Consistent quality of the ties. Short payback on investment.
  • Lightweight & compact body.
  • Learn to operate in only a few minute


** Our guns come with a 1 years free warrenty and 1 Free service **

Tjep Ultra Grip Rebar Tying Gun

PriceFrom £1,383.93
Sales Tax Included
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