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Waxed Bolt Boxes

This product is made from waxed cardboard and is used as a moulding device with setting concrete. It is designed to allow easy access to Hold Down Bolts in concrete. The conical design provides a void that allows an easy reach down to the bolts.

  • Price per 1no


  • 229mm - Tapering from 70mm x 20mm
  • 305mm - Tapering from 92mm x 20mm
  • 380mm - Tapering from 108mm x 25mm
  • 457mm - Tapering from 114mm x 30mm
  • 534mm - Tapering from 118mm x 20mm
  • 610mm - Tapering from 132mm x 20mm
  • 762mm - Tapering from 165mm x 35mm

Waxed Bolt Boxes

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