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TJEP Ultra Grip Tying Machines


TJEPP ULTRA GRIP re-bar tier increases your efficiency significantly compared to the physically demanding, monotonous and time-consuming work of manual tying.

The TJEP ULTRA GRIP re-bar tier can also reduce the risk of back and wrist health problems. The ergonomic re-bar tier not only improves working conditions, it is also an economic and reliable solution, which helps to finish the task far more effectively.

TJEP ULTRA GRIP is the third generation of re-bar tier from TJEP and is a further development of our popular XP re-bar tiers. The know-how gained from previous generations has been incorporated into the new ULTRA GRIP series, which sets new standards in tying speed and quality.



  • Up to 5 times faster than manual tying.

  • 1500 more ties per charge than the XP40.

  • Extra tight and firm ties (2 or 3 wraps).

  • Extra efficiency and durability.

  • Ergonomic one-handed operation.

  • Consistent quality of the ties.

  • Short payback on investment.

  • Lightweight & compact body.

  • Learn to operate in only a few minutes.

  • Brushless motor for longer tool life.

As a result of the input from construction sites all over the world we have received valuable input and developed the all new TJEP ULTRA GRIP series. Offering the market’s best overall budget re-bar tier.


  • 18V brushless motors.

  • Sealed gearbox for extra power.

  • Optimised nose design with long lifetime, ensuring easier access to the point you want to tie.

  • Longer and narrower handle for better ergonomics 18V 4Ah Li-ion slide-in battery.

  • Connector for electronic extension.


  • Tying reinforcement in concrete panels, bases, flooring and walling.

  • Fixing of underfloor heating/cooling systems and electrical conduits.

The Tying Wire:

The new TJEP Ultra Grip wire has a higher tensile strength, improved flexibility and increased ductility. This balanced combination of features provides the ideal wire to produce a strong and efficient reinforcement steel connection. The wire is provided in a galvanised finish to improve corrosion resistance within the concrete. In addition galvanised wire ensures the efficient operation of the Ultra Grip machine, eliminating rust deposits associated with mild steel wire, reducing the chance of corroded material accumulating in the internal workings of the tool affecting performance.

Authorised TJEP Service Centre:

The vast experience and ongoing technical revision means you can always count on your tools being serviced competently. You can be completely sure that when you receive your tool back it will be fully operational. Our team can also offer you a FREE training session (on site) to help you fix any minor breakdowns should they occur.

What's Included in the Service:

  • Free quotation before repair.

  • Repair/Service within 48 hours after receipt.

  • Full service history.

  • 100% functionality - guaranteed.

  • Repair/Service of TJEP and MAX available (Authentic spare parts only).

  • Collection and Delivery service available at cost (UK and Ireland).

TJEP Service

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