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Using Kota Metal Top Screed Rails

Kota Metal Top Screed Rails eliminate the cost of hiring, cleaning, repairing and storing road forms. The permanent formwork system forms part of the completed slab and provides a super flat edge to screed from, which in turn provides protection to the leading edge of the slab throughout it's operational lifetime. The use of the Kota Screed rails automatically speeds up production of the adjacent slabs as the rail from the previous pour forms the new edge of the subsequent pour. The unique design of the Type KC with a 1.5mm thick top profile of galvanised steel provides a very straight and fully controlled hairline crack. The profile of the rail along with the holes in the metal strip tie the rail firmly to the slab.

Kota Metal Top Screed Rail Benefits.

  • Faster programme time due to accelerated construction.

  • Greater control over accuracy and flatness.

  • *Superflat floor tolerances are achievable.

  • Increased productivity.

  • Improved joint appearance.

  • Heavy duty system for improved performance under heavy loading.

  • Can be used on tied or contraction joints. Accepts dowel bars at 300mm centres.

*Superflat floors conforming to DIN 18 202 can be achieved giving + 2mm over a 2000mm interval.

How to set Up.

1. Place concrete dabs approximately 50mm in height at 1 metre intervals along the desired line of the rails.

2. Place the KOTA Metal Top Screed Rails on the dabs of concrete.

3. Align the rails with a string line and level them off by tapping the rail down onto the dab with a rubber mallet.

4. Once the rails are level or set to the desired fall, the concrete dabs should be built up to half the rail height to provide additional lateral support. The levels should be checked once again to ensure the rails have not been disturbed during this process.

5. Allow supporting dabs to set overnight.

6. If a contraction joint is required along the length of the rail a suitable mould oil such as Adomast Safestrike should be applied to one face of the rail to induce a controlled crack line.

7. When concrete is being placed and compacted, it is essential that concrete is encouraged to flow under the full length of the rail to fill any voids. This will guarantee the rail is supported along the entirety of it’s length.

View Animation Video below.

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